Friday, June 9, 2017

Who wants to Play in the Rain?

Rainy days can get you down, or rather we can let a rainy day get us down. 

The day is what we make of it. If we let the weather control our mood, then it won't be the only thing controlling us. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Why "The Yard"

We are ready to begin our new journey here in Rowlett, TX.  Our journey is one of mental and physical health through Personal Training and Programming, Nutrition Coaching, Small Group Classes, Chiropractic and more...  We call our place The Yard On Main Street, Your Yard of Fitness, Your Yard of Movement, The Wellness Yard of Rowlett, etc.

You will hopefully know it simply as "The Yard" where you meet great people, amazing coaches, and an oasis of positive energy to lift your day, motivate you throughout your week, and help you discover how strong you are and how you can make a difference too.

The emphasis on "The Yard" is literally because we need to be outside more.  We need the sun, the trees, the grass, the fresh air AND we need to sweat!  Sweating, or you might prefer the term "Shimmering" :) is one of the most cleansing and detoxifying activities you can participate in on a daily basis.  If we are going to fill you with knowledge, health, strength, and positive energy in a world where our lives are already so overflowing we have no room for anything else, then we have to get rid of all the crap that is keeping you down.  Sweating is the fastest and most effective crap removal mechanism.  LOL!  (We like to keep a down to earth and positive sense of humor about it all in the process.)

We will talk about:
  • Healthy Activities
  • Food
  • How to Stay Young
  • How to Enjoy Life